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Heather BroadWelcome to Entrepreneur Mom Now Calgary, the first stop for mom entrepreneurs opening their small business. We connect entrepreneurial moms to each other online and help them learn, so that they can grow their businesses and achieve their dreams.

Together, we’ll grow.
Heather Broad
City Director, Entrepreneur Mom Now Calgary

About Heather

As City Director for Entrepreneur Mom Now Calgary, Heather Broad has a passion for helping other mom entrepreneurs keep inspired, motivated and on-track with their business. Her path has consisted of running a gift basket franchise, assisting an international mom entrepreneur networking group both as Director of Chapter Development and Social Media and currently provides social media support to a global resource for entrepreneurial moms.


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Entrepreneur Mom Now Calgary Contributors

Sheri Bruneau Get It Together CalgarySheri Bruneau is the president of Get It Together Inc. and Brighter Business Empower Inc. Considering herself a life-long learner, Sheri continually takes classes (she runs all of the Social Media for Get It Together and Brighter Business Empower) and has just completed her certification in Staging. Sheri continues to take a variety of courses that she believes will benefit her clients as well as her businesses.



StevieStevie Martin-Ogrodniczuk owner of Time to Shine Life Coaching, is a Co-Active Coach, Fitness Pro and Minivan Mom to 3. Through workshops and 1:1 coaching, Stevie helps clients develop and maintain a healthy, fulfilled life full of bliss and inner calm. Her leap into entrepreneurship has been a wild adventure “it’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it!”



Maria DollMaria Doll is a certified Style & Etiquette Consultant and owner of Leadership Matters Consulting Services. She runs camps, classes, workshops, one-on-one coaching for children, youth & women. Maria also assists young women to develop affordable business wardrobes.




DebDarbyshire-Verlage-003Deb Darbyshire is The Excellence Mentor whose mission is to re-inject excellence back into customer service businesses provide. She also knows a thing or two about how to work business around being a mom and wife. When not pandering the needs of two very spoilt dogs and one cat, Deb enjoys reading, genealogy and working out.



Dana-Goldstein-updated-head-shot-200x300Dana Goldstein is the Founder, Chief Producer, Videographer and Editor at Chicflicks. ChicFlicks wants to move your business from bland to BRAND by creating fantastic videos that fit your budget. ChicFlicks will take care of everything from planning, to videography, to final edits, collaborating with you and your business every step of the way. Her website is: http://www.chicflicks.ca/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChicFlicks.ca



Charmaine-Hammond-resized-150x150Charmaine Hammond is the President of Hammond International Inc. She helps individuals, teams, businesses, government departments, and corporations improve resilience, and inspired performance. An expert in team relations, communication, and conflict resolution, Charmaine helps identify and resolve what gets in the way of success and bouncing forward!



Sherri Beauchamp Business Growth & Marketing ConsultantSherri Beauchamp is a Business Growth & Marketing Consultant & Founder of Sherri Beauchamp.com which helps small to medium sized business attract more of their ideal customers and clients (even if they think they have everything covered). She would be happy to connect & answer any questions you have!



Andrea Lindal - Lexabi CommunicationsAndrea Lindal has been a digital design, marketing & communications professional for over 15 years. Owner of Lexabi Communications and proud mom of 2, her passion is assisting businesses achieve success through digital mediums & branding. She coaches and strategizes; designs websites; constructs and delivers email marketing; writes for all platforms; designs and monitors social media; and still even dabbles in print design.



Andrea-Jones-Business-and-Leadership-CoachAndrea Jones is the mother of boy-girl twins, a wicked stepmother (in the cool kind of way), and she is a leadership and business coach with Jonesing for Leadership.  Melding her experience in business management, marketing, training, and video production, she helps businesses to maximize their true potential, while having a lot of fun.



Head-shot-Danielle-Kraus-150x150Danielle Kraus is the Owner of Organizing YYC Inc. She helps families in Calgary find calm and comfort in this busy and bustling city. She loves her work as she helps to inspire people to live calm, loving lives. Danielle works alongside clients, coaching them through de-cluttering, and holding accountable to their goals and aspirations of what they want for their homes and families.



The Marketing GirlMarketing-Girl-YYC-150x150Amanda Schewaga helps her clients develop marketing initiatives designed to increase revenue streams and take their brand to the next level. Her areas of expertise include the use of online marketing, social media, campaign development and managing marketing plans. A native of Saskatchewan, Amanda lives in Calgary with her husband and their dog, Meeka.



Kayla Barbour

Kayla Barbour is a Registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta. Through her online therapy practice www.brighterday.ca she helps moms from all across Alberta achieve balance and well-being. In her leisure time, Kayla can be found with her husband and 2 year old daughter enjoying Calgary’s family activities.



We are currently looking for additional contributors. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in becoming a regular contributor for Entrepreneur Mom Now Calgary.


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