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The Benefits of Attending Networking Events

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Word-of-mouth referrals for your business

The Art of Getting a Referral

Start-up small businesses rely on word-of-mouth referrals to gain access to a larger base of potential clients and customers. And […]

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Keri Vandongen

Keri Vandongen

/ Speech Party

I can’t say enough about how positive my initial experiences with attending both an online and a couple of in-person events have been. Each mom entrepreneur that I’ve met has been inviting, collaborative and helpful! It’s been exciting to get to know more about the valuable businesses that the members are building, as well as their remarkable talents.

I am so glad I joined Emomnow. I feel like I have a solid network who I feel safe asking general business questions or specific questions related to my business. I've met so many inspiring women and I've collaborated with many of them in different ways. This is the best networking group that I've been able to find.

Christina Parker

Christina Parker

/ Christina Parker Photography

EMomNow is a wonderful resource for me as a photographer. I have the privilege to rub shoulders with many amazing women who are not just business associates but are becoming my friends. I have found many ladies, where I can work together with them, and we each have each other’s backs, as we learn to grow our own businesses.

Julia Chung

Julia Chung

/ JYC Financial

The community is welcoming, kind, and helpful. In the short time that I have been part of the network, I’ve built trusted relationships with not only Karen, who heads up EMomNow, but also with other professionals who work in related fields. Excitingly, my team and I are working on a potential collaborative venture with another professional we met through EMomNow, who shares our values and our love of remote systems. There are a lot of networks out there, especially ones focused on women in business, but not all of them work as cohesively to build each other up as EMomNow.

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